I was introduced to the Family Pals division of the Williams Funeral Home by my vet, Eastbrook Animal Hospital, in Waverly. My Rat Terrier had suffered from cancer for over a year, and was nearing the time when I was going to have to put her to sleep. My house was on the market, and if it sold soon, I didn’t want to ‘leave her behind.’ When I called Family Pals, I got the personal service that was so important to me at that time. This included my being able to take Little Bit directly to the site of the crematory and place her inside myself. I had a hard time letting go. Then, less than 3 months later, my lab mix, Buster, died suddenly of what we believe was a torqued stomach. He was gone within half an hour of my finding him in the yard and bringing him into the kitchen, with no time to say goodbye or prepare myself, as I’d had with Little Bit. It happened at 8:00pm, and the next morning when I called Paula, they were able to accommodate me right away. That sudden passing of my last dog was emotionally draining, and the compassion and conduct of the staff at Family Pals was supportive and helpful.

Their services also included offering a variety of urns and boxes, as well as providing engraving services. I purchased both from the Family Pals office and have been extremely pleased with the quality.

I know some day I’ll settle somewhere, or maybe just stumble upon some place I feel one or both of them would like being a part of. I know that eventually, I’ll have to let them go. But until then, Family Pals really did help make the best of a bad situation, and provided me a little more time with my loved ones – although in powdered form! I always recommend Family Pals when I hear of someone in need of such services because I know they won’t be disappointed. Family Pals takes care of EVERYTHING for you, treating both you and your beloved pet with dignity, respect and kindness.

- Vicky Dmytryk

Our beloved Cocker Spaniel, Chester, was much more than a pet…he was a cherished member of our family. When he died, we were very thankful to find that Family PALS could assist us with a dignified way to pay tribute to our faithful friend. The staff was understanding and compassionate and helped us make arrangements so that we could see Chester at rest. The services that were provided and the kind way in which they were delivered meant so much to our family as we parted with our loyal companion.

- Teresa Dalton

There is no better representation of unconditional love than that from a dog. No matter how grumpy or tired we were, our sweet Willy wagged his tail whenever we walked through the door. His antics never failed to bring a smile, and his all-knowing eyes told more than any words could ever tell. From the first day when we picked him up in an animal shelter to the day that we took that final drive to the vet, Willy gave us his love, loyalty and trust. After the vet lovingly administered the shot that gave Willy his ultimate peace, we decided to trust his final arrangements to Family Pals in Columbia, TN. The staff at Family Pals offered us many outstanding options for memorializing our cherished friend and companion. They treated his lifeless body with the same respect and courtesy that you would expect a funeral home to treat any beloved member of the family. The professionalism and dignity they showed to us and to our fifteen-year-old pal made it easier to say good-bye.

We will always be grateful for the kindness and compassion that each member of the staff offered to us. They understood the hole that was left in our hearts by the death of our dog and respected our grief at his passing. The loss of love is no less painful when it is an animal, and they gave us the opportunity to grieve and memorialize the life that was lost. Thanks to Family Pals, we have our precious dog's remains with us in a beautiful and dignified urn as a constant reminder of the love that was once ours.

- Bill and Beth Herren, Pegram, TN

We love the Family Pals service. After managing a veterinary clinic for 20 years, I have not found any service that better serves this purpose. The people are caring and compassionate when you have lost these precious members of your family.

- Peggy Vinson

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