Harley Lane

Harley Lane

February 02, 2012 - January 20, 2023


Harley was born February 2, 2012. This adorable and precocious puppy was adopted by a loving couple. For two years, they loved this velociraptor of a puppy. Harley kept the couple on their toes and was pure entertainment.

Life happens and things change and in May of 2014, Harley found a new loving home. In this home, he was greeted with two adult humans and two small humans. One small human was just a few weeks old and the other was 3 years old. These humans fell in love with Harley and he in return was in love with these new humans. Wherever they were in the house, Harley had to be. Harley was a part of this pack now and fit right in.

For the next nine years, they all lived together in their polly pocket house. A house full of love, play time, and fur glitter. The little humans grew up with a best friend and four legged brother. Harley was always greeting his humans with snurfles, slobber, and butt wiggles. He was always up for playtime and would be super sad if his two little humans were not here. Pizza nights were his favorite because he knew all the crust was his.

Age and butt wiggles finally were just too much. Though his heart was still in it, his body just couldn’t. Just shy of his 11th birthday, Harley crossed the rainbow bridge. He was surrounded by love, hugs, treats, and snot bubbles. His impact of pure love was great and is missed greatly. This polly pocket house will always miss coming home to his pure love and excitement of seeing his humans.

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